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These are canvas pictures of the new The Force Awakens They are vibrantly colored and have never been used. I am selling them so make some quick money.
Fully automatic Minolta MAXXUM 400si film SLR.35-70mm f4 70-210mm f4 lensesGood beginnerlearner camera. Works great I just recently put a roll of film through it.
The lens is a Pentax-M 50mm f1.7. A decently sharp and plenty fast lens. I wish I could share some decent sle pictures taken with it, but I dont have an adapter for it to my digital camera. The one sle picture I do have is the one of the ME with the Olympus 12-40mm lens next to it. It was taken free lens though, something Im terrible at, so expect real image quality to improve from there.The le...
Ive got a handful of body and lens caps, a Vivitar case of some sort for lens filters, and a shutter trigger cable.The shutter cable works fine, but the flat button top has broken off. Not sure if it matters, but I used it with Olympus OM cameras.Make an offer and take it all away.Name your price.
It has some imperfections and issues on the front glass. Looks like the kind of thing maybe somebody adventurous could take care of, or just ignore it as character. Was known to be a pretty good lens though.Its an MMD mount which I believe belongs to old Minoltas.Name your price.
Silver OM-2n with Tamron 70-210mm f4-5.6Functional, but not fully functional. For some reason the Auto mode is broken, so you have to use it in Manual mode. Meaning instead of switching it to Auto and it selecting the shutter speed for you, you have to use Manual and use the light meter which does work to select the shutter speed yourself. Beyond that, it works just fine. I tested the shutter a...
Praktica Super TL3 in good mechanical order. The shutter fires just fine and does speed up and slow down with the selection of different shutter speeds.However, for some reason the film counter is not resetting when the back is opened. It isnt impeding the winder from working or shooting, but will not count your exposures for you.Also, as it takes an old battery I do not have, I dont know if th...
Olympus OM system Auto Bellows and Slide Copier both in very good condition. The bellows themselves are in great shape with no tears or anything.$150 for both together or $90 for each one separate.
Im selling a very nice, lightly used 5D Mark III and 24-105 lens package. with original box, papers, CDs, and accessories as well as extra batteries and charger, a viewfinder for using the LCD when shooting video, and an AC adapter. I purchased this as a studio camera for portraits and used it for less than a dozen shoots. Everything works perfectly - its a very nice, barely used camera.

DJI M600

Not really the easiest thing to bring through the airport. If interested message for detailed images. But its good as new and looks just like the image attached. Flown maybe 3 hours. A steal for the next ownerIncluded-DJI M600 Brand New-x2 A3 Upgrade Kit-X2 Matrice 600- TB47S Intelligent Flight Battery 6PCS-Matrice 600 - Upper Expansion Bay Kit-Lightbridge 2 Ground Unit-X3 Ronin-M Battery 1580m...
2 battery chargers 1 original canon and 1 aftermarketkamerar viewfinder

sony a7ii

Sony a7ii 4 batteries battery charger28-70 lens shutter count -2552
sELLING cANON 5D mARK iII dIGITAL cAMERA pACKAGECanon 5D Mark III DSLR, Canon EF 24-70mm L 2.8 II , Speedlite 430EX II, CameraCanon charger, battery, strap.
MINT CANON 5D LOW USE VIEWFINDER, EXTRA BATTS, AC ADAPTERCanon EOS Mark III 22.3 MP Digital SLR Camera and 2 Lenses, Canon f 2.8 - 70 200 mm Zoom with Image Stabilization, an invaluable tool for telephoto photography, and a Canon f 2.8 - 16 35 mm Zoom, which covers more than a 90 degree angle, since this is a full frame 35 mm equivalent camera
ac adapterstraporiginal box and papers purchase receipt, warranty etc.the camera is a usa model.
I am selling this lens because I dont even remember the last time I used it. It is in excellent condition.Includes box, lens cap, hood, hood cap, soft caseNo Paypal or shipping, cash and local only. Will only meet in public place.Please text for initial contact.
Hi Im selling my DJI Ronin. Its a full size Ronin capable of carrying 16lbs. Thats the stock specs. Ive also added a few upgrades as well that help with longer lenses and cameras New Cinemilled extension arms and a Cinemilled extended base plate with four weights. Two smart batteries. New wireless thumb controller. Comes with stock case and the mount. Item is in perfect working condition. Just ...
Can sell some stuff separate call me. sony a711 w 28 -70 lens batteries and charger, godox tt 685 flash cannon, x1t-c trigger, nd filter 0.9 77mm, Flashpoint xpolr600ttl, metabones cannon to sony adapter and some reflectors n schtuff.
Ive taken VERY good care of both of these items and need to sell them because I dont use them as much as id like. I have experience using eBay in the past and can guarantee the condition of these items as described above.
4 Batteries 2 Original Canon and 2 aftermarket2 Battery Chargers 1 Original Canon and 1 aftermarketKamerar Viewfinder
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